Contents of the Infinitas Guidance Kit

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Infinitas is the only truly complete system featuring mini-implants combined with highly specialised instruments and a unique 3D guidance system. The stent contains a guide cylinder which accuratesly guides all instrumentation to the prescribed position. Patented stent components, available in the Infinitas Guidance Kit, simplify the production of a 3D stent and ensure effortless and accurate mini-implant insertion in any location.

The Infinitas Stent Guidance System:
>>Provides a reproducible 3D insertion.
>>Provides stable insertion point (no slippage of implant tip on bone) during oblique insertion and
    especially helpful in difficult to access sites e.g. palate.
>>Reduces perforation risks.
>>Inspires confidence in implant novices and difficult access insertions.
>>Prescribes insertion details for other clinicians.
>>Reduces surgery time & stress!